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Endorsement Announcement

I am proud to announce that the Alief Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) is endorsing my campaign.  The Alief TSTA also is endorsing Ella Jefferson and Tiffany Thomas. TSTA’s mission is to unite, organize and empower advocates to shape public education to ensure that every child can attend a quality public school.  I am thrilled to have the support of Alief TSTA and Alief ATPE!



Support Announcement

We are proud to announce that the Alief unit of the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) with 850+ members is supporting Sarah Winkler, Ella Jefferson and Tiffany Thomas for election to the Alief ISD Board.  The ATPE is a member-owned, member-governed professional association that believes it takes everyone working together to improve Texas public schools.  We are honored to have their support!



Voter ID Requirements

The November 5 election is subject to the new Voter ID law.  You must present one of the approved photo IDs to cast a ballot.  Students, please note that a student ID is NOT one of the approved forms of identification.  Click here for more information about the new Voter ID requirements and acceptable forms of identification.



PDK-Gallup Poll Results

The results of a well respected annual poll show that most Americans don’t like high stakes annual testing.  Read this Washington Post story for more information.



School Finance Lawsuit

Judge John Dietz has announced that a second trial will begin on January 6.  The trial is expected to last six weeks.  Check out this Texas Tribune story.



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